Your Stories, His Music: Jed Madela Celebrates his 20th Anniversary

Jed Madela gained his fame after becoming a singing champion back in 2003 at the World Championship of Performing Arts and soon we heard his high-hitting vocals singing the hit songs that became the soundtrack of our life & love stories.

It is only fitting that in order to look back and celebrate two decades of exceptional musical performances and achievements, Jed will belt out the songs that resonate our personal stories in a night full of world class performances by the world champion himself.

Jed Madela will be having his 20th Anniversary Concert entitled JED MADELA HERE & NOW on December 10, 2023, 8PM at The Theatre at Solaire. Madela will be serenading attendees with his greatest hits such as The Past, How Can I Fall, Changes In My Life and Forevermore and perform a tasteful list of songs.  Surprise guests who are known to be Madela’s idols and two of the biggest musical icons from the country will also have a landmark stage performance.

Ticket prices start at PHP 2,500 for Upper Box seats, PHP 4,000 for Lower Box Seats, PHP5,500 for Premium Gold Seats, PHP 6,500 for VIP Seats, PHP 8,500 for VVIP Seats and PHP 11,000 for Platinum Seats. Stay tuned as Tickets will be sold soon on Ticketworld’s website at

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Don’t miss out on an iconic night of powerful vocals and musical prowess!

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