Original Title: 燃冬 / RAN DONG
Theatrical Release Date: 2023-12-13 (Philippines)
Running Time: 1:40:00

Country: China, Singapore

Language: Mandarin, Korean
Subtitles: English
Category: Film

DIRECTED BY: Anthony Chen

WRITTEN BY: Anthony Chen

PRODUCTION: Canopy Pictures and Huace Pictures

Zhou Dongyu, Liu Haoran, and Qu Chuxiao

In cold wintry Yanji, a city on China’s northern border, young urbanite Haofeng, visiting from Shanghai, feels lost and adrift. By chance, he goes on a tour led by Nana, a charming tour guide who instantly fascinates him. She introduces him to Xiao, a personable but frustrated restaurant worker. The three bond quickly over a drunken weekend. Confronting their individual traumas, their frozen desires slowly thaw as they seek to liberate themselves from an icy world.